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Starita - "Holding Pattern"

Starita's latest single, "Holding Pattern," is a mesmerizing blend of deep house and afro house, released under Be Still Records. This track combines the warm, analog textures of tape and analog instruments with cutting-edge electronic elements, creating a sound that's both nostalgic and forward-thinking. Set as the debut single from Starita's highly-anticipated second album, "Remember," "Holding Pattern" offers a deep and introspective journey. It's a sonic exploration of being stuck in a conditioned mental thought pattern and the eventual breakthrough to freedom. This theme challenged Starita to bring it into a more accessible form, creating a hypnotic, late-night club track that's intense and introspective. The track's evolution from tension to release is reflected in its sound, employing tape loops and effects to craft a chaotic yet hypnotic soundscape. What makes "Holding Pattern" truly stand out is the way it was crafted. Starita used various mediums like tape and analog instruments while blending in electronic elements. The live creation process adds an organic and cathartic dimension to the track. Additionally, a special edit of "Holding Pattern" was created in collaboration with GRAMMY® nominated producer and DJ, Jay-J. This version, known as "Holding Pattern (Jay-J's Shifted Up Edit)," is an Afro-tech house track with a dark and moody underbelly, yet it delivers an uplifting release. Jay-J's expertise in mixing and editing adds a DJ-friendly touch to the track, making it easy to integrate into sets. Overall, "Holding Pattern" is a unique and captivating journey into the world of deep and afro house, offering a blend of analog and electronic elements that set it apart. Starita's "Remember" album explores the theme of ego death, offering a wide range of sonic experiences, from dance tracks to ambient pieces with lush thematic vocals. It's a testament to his versatility as a producer and his ability to create music that resonates deeply with its listeners. Listen below.


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