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Star2 x HoodTrophy Bino - "Go!"

Welcoming Star2 x HoodTrophy Bino with the latest single "Go!". Star2 is an Asian-American singer, songwriter and rapper who seamlessly blends pop, R&B and hip-hop for an enthralling immersion of sound. Raised in inauspicious circumstances, Star2 takes influence from overcoming his life struggles, creating music that is bold, high-spirited and soulful. The musicians really add diversity to their single here, delivering quite the new york, american sounding single. The asian american artist absolutely stuns reminding us of joji within the single. The artist absolutely is flexible within the single absolutely karate chops the beat we think, and succesfully making it his, so to speak. Taking advantage of this turn up sounding instrumental, the artist' deliver a single in collaboration that absolutely makes you feel good and want to burn energy. Listen below for yourself to see what we mean.


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