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Star2 - "Thinkin Bout You"

Star2 is an Asian-American singer, songwriter and rapper who seamlessly blends pop, R&B and hip-hop for an enthralling immersion of sound. Raised in inauspicious circumstances, Star2 takes influence from overcoming his life struggles, creating music that is bold, high-spirited and soulful. The single has island vibes and city vibes at the same time to us which we think is greatly interesting. The vocals are like their from a city boy whos been through a lot of experiences, but the instrumental has a bit of a beach flavor to us we think with the guitar loop. The artist does an amazing job with the writing as it hits you in the soul, and the instrumental simply hits you in the chest with the bass especially. The hook is absolutely amazing, listen below and see what you think for yourself. We think you'll enjoy Star2 if you like Post Malone.


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