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Star Madman x Manhatten - "Something to Breathe"

US artist Star Madman and UK artist Manhatten have teamed up once again to create a synthwave/vaporwave-inspired instrumental track, titled "Something to Breathe". This chilled-out piece of music features light and airy leads, a floaty bassline, retro-sounding electronic drums, and breezy pads that come together to create a blissful and relaxing soundscape. The track was released via Headphone Music Label, and mixed and mastered by Manhatten, with cover art also done by him.

Star Madman is an electronic music solo project written, performed, produced, and mixed by Amanda Jay, who is currently located in Oklahoma City. She draws her influences from various genres of music, including electronica, dance, classical, and new wave, which she skillfully incorporates into her music. Meanwhile, Manhatten is a UK-based artist who has been creating electronic music for over a decade, with a keen interest in vaporwave, synthwave, and chillwave.

"Something to Breathe" showcases the artists' unique styles and creative abilities, which blend together perfectly to create an incredibly chilled-out and uplifting piece of music. The track's happy and chill moods make it an ideal choice for anyone who wants to unwind and relax, whether they're at home, work, or on the go. The track's title is very fitting, as it does indeed offer listeners "something to breathe," providing a sense of relief and relaxation.

In conclusion, "Something to Breathe" is a must-listen for anyone who enjoys electronic music, especially those who appreciate synthwave/vaporwave-inspired tracks. Star Madman and Manhatten have successfully created a piece of music that is both engaging and calming, making it an excellent addition to anyone's music collection. If you're looking for a track that can help you unwind and escape the stress of daily life, "Something to Breathe" is the perfect choice.


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