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SR TheMveMnt Introduces A Capturing Track With "Cross Me"

Introducing an artist straight out of Omaha, Nebraska known as SR TheMveMnt he's a rising melodic singer with a special story to tell. Using a unique combination of clever cadence and emotion invoking melodies, SR captures the audience's ear from the first note. Following his newest track "Cross" it's a heartfelt track that truly captures a true telling story that sadly happens often. Starting the beat with a slow melodic beat leading onto his soft and capturing vocals he provides a painful ballad describing a situation where friends are lost due to the justice system, and how time in jail changes people and how they are viewed. It's a story or resilience through the pain. It's a capturing and telling story that anyone can just sit down and just enjoy this heartfelt track. It fully projects the pain and sorrow he feels and anyone listening can totally relate to this telling track. Make sure to check out SR TheMveMvnt discography which is filled with capturing tracks and a very soulful feel that you receive, as well go stream "Cross Me".


Instagram: @therealsr_




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