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Spitty The Sequal - "Whiplash

Introducing spitty the sequel, a hip hop artist originating from Long Island New York relocated to Charlotte North Carolina. spittys music is a blast from the past with a bit of new school flavor. The newest single "Whiplash" is the third single off Spitty The Sequels upcoming album “I Work Because I Have to”. The instrumental was done By J-ideas, it’s got a really dark soulful feeling to it reminiscent of Apollo Brown. This was the song that started the album. The first creation that led me to believe this would ultimately be the sound of my next project. 4 months later it’s become a full length project. Spitty The Sequel attacks the beat with a large dose of depth and a slight inspiration of mob deep. The single to us feels like it has a lot of influence from 50 Cent to us with the cadence and instrumental choice. The backing piano felt a bit more on the Nas side, but bottom line, what we're trying to say is that the song sounds like a classic, simply and honestly. When it comes down to the lyrcism here you don't have to worry about that because Spitty The Sequal has you covered here. Take a listen for yourself.


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