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SpenDoe - "I Talk Guap"

For those who crave energetic and aggressive rap with a West Coast flavor, SpenDoe's "I Talk Guap" is a track you shouldn't miss. Released as part of the collaborative album "The Mob Locker" with Northern California Mobbmuzik producer C-DUBB, this song is a powerful example of West Coast hip-hop's unique essence.

Born in Santa Cruz, California, SpenDoe's journey into the rap scene started early, around the age of 12. He faced challenges in finding direction and resources at first, but at 14, he found mentorship in older figures deeply rooted in the streets and the Bay Area rap scene.

SpenDoe's discography is a diverse collection, encompassing singles, maxi-singles, EPs, full-length albums, collaboration projects, and compilations. Notably, he took a conscious step back to his roots, embracing the "mob sound" of the Bay Area that helped shape the region's rap scene in the mid-'90s.

Even amidst the tumultuous events of 2020, SpenDoe remained dedicated to his craft, actively working with various producers and expanding his musical catalog. Since August 2023, he's been on a prolific run, releasing numerous titles under his "Money Goonz Muzik" label and collaborating with other artists.

In summary, SpenDoe's "I Talk Guap" reflects his deep connection to the West Coast hip-hop scene and his commitment to its legacy. With his extensive catalog and a strong work ethic, he continues to make waves in the rap world, both as an artist and producer. Listen now.


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