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Space Boy - "SL9Y3R ViBE"

"SL9Y3R ViBE" is a hard-hitting hip-hop track that showcases the skills of Space Boy as both a producer and rapper. The instrumental is a fusion of west coast hip-hop and dark trap, creating a menacing backdrop for the verses delivered by Space Boy, Big Bata, and Kitty Kocktail.

The track is part of Space Boy's upcoming "SL9Y3R EP," which is highly anticipated by fans of his horrorcore and trap metal sound. While Space Boy has previously dabbled in outer space themes in his music, he has decided to stay grounded on Earth for this project and focus on making hard-hitting hip hop beats.

The mood of "SL9Y3R ViBE" is energetic, aggressive, and dark. The lyrics touch on themes of violence, power, and dominance, with each rapper delivering verses that showcase their unique style and flow.

Overall, "SL9Y3R ViBE" is a standout track from Space Boy's upcoming EP and a must-listen for fans of horrorcore and trap metal. It's a testament to Space Boy's versatility as an artist and his ability to deliver hard-hitting beats and lyrics that keep listeners engaged from start to finish.


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