South Florida Artist J. Paris With "Broken Glass"

J. Paris is one of the new artists to take the South Florida stage. With a distinctive versatility in his style of music, ranging from upbeat dancehall to a deep trap, Paris seeks to experiment on his musical style instead of focusing on a simple medium. His vocals are reminiscent to PARTYNEXTDOOR and Marr Grey. J. Paris is an artist from South Florida but a sound cold like he's from the north. While we don't know much about this new artist, we definitely want to hear more as he creates. Broken Glass is a late night anthem, about broken hearts like broken glass. I could definitely see Paris blossoming into a big artist but also writing for others as well, the song is beautifully written, calculated down to the adlibs. When you get more critical, the mix isn't perfect but it definitely delivers, it delivers feeling. The whole sound is just a smash, being in South Florida as well after corona virus we hope to see him performing.



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