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Sound Service - "Someone Get Me Out Of This Car"

When it comes to reviving the nostalgic sounds of the 80s, Sound Service, the stage name for London-based Greek musician and producer Ioannis Masouras, knows exactly how to hit the sweet spot. His latest track, "Someone Get Me Out Of This Car," seamlessly blends synthpop with pop rock, creating an energetic and captivating musical journey that transports you straight back to the neon-lit era of the 80s.

The track, "Someone Get Me Out Of This Car," tells a relatable tale of the trials and tribulations of arguing with your partner while they're behind the wheel. It's a scenario many of us have found ourselves in, and Sound Service captures the chaos and tension perfectly. With retro synths taking the lead and heavily delayed guitars providing the backdrop, the song embodies that unmistakable 80s throwback feel.

Ioannis Masouras, the creative force behind Sound Service, has an impressive musical background. He founded the band Matisse in Athens in the early 00s, releasing four albums, including the acclaimed "Toys up" and "PaperDoor." After relocating to London in 2013, he took a hiatus from music to focus on other aspects of life. However, as he explains, it's challenging for a true musician to ignore their creative calling for too long.

Sound Service's music draws inspiration from the 80s synth scene and early 90s guitar-driven indie pop, resulting in a unique fusion of electronic dance music with nods to genres like Synthwave and Retrowave. His first single, a cover of Space's 1977 "space-disco" hit "Magic Fly," showcases this fusion and was released on The Hubsters, giving a taste of what's to come from this talented musician and producer.

In a world where nostalgia reigns supreme, Sound Service brings a fresh take on retro sounds with "Someone Get Me Out Of This Car." So, if you're craving an energetic musical journey that pays homage to the 80s while offering a contemporary twist, be sure to tune in to Sound Service and keep an eye out for what's next from this exciting artist.


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