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Soulful Playground x Moka Only - "White Castle Nights"

Introducing "White Castle Nights" by Soulful Playground featuring Moka Only, a track that effortlessly marries old school boom bap vibes with a slightly ethereal twist. This is not just another hip-hop track; it's a dive into the depths of conscious and alternative hip-hop, enveloped in a chill, moody aura. This track is perfect for those moments when you need music that speaks to the soul without saying too much. It's for the late-night thinkers, the dreamers, and anyone who appreciates hip-hop that's crafted with care and consciousness.

The lyrics in English flow with an ease that's reminiscent of the genre's golden days we think here. It's like taking a step back to when boom bap reigned supreme, yet there's a modern twist that keeps it fresh and relevant. The beat carries a mystical quality, adding layers to the track that invite you to lose yourself in its rhythm.

Fans or listeners of Moka Only, Kev Brown, or Strange Fruit Project will find familiar comfort in the sound of "White Castle Nights." Soulful Playground, a name we've explored before, continues to impress with their unique blend of sounds and their ability to create an atmosphere that's both reflective and engaging. Listen below now.


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