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Soulful Playground - "Northern Lights Dance"

Welcoming back a producer we love with "Northern Lights Dance," the lead single from Soulful Playground's new EP, "Star Points North." This track is a beautifully crafted lo-fi hip-hop instrumental that oozes a smoky, laid-back vibe. Released by Circle Drive Creative, this single stands out with its moody yet chill tones. We think this is the kind of track that reminds you of the early days of artists like Mac Miller or Wiz Khalifa, particularly between 2009 and 2014. It's easy to imagine their flow complementing the laid-back beats and the dreamy atmosphere of this track. The soul of the song lies in its guitar work, filled with West Coast flair, adding a wavy, California vibe to the mix. The backing synths further enhance this feeling, creating an ambience that's both nostalgic and fresh. Soulful Playground has indeed created a playground for the soul with this EP, and specifically "Northern Lights Dance" is a perfect introduction to their artistry. The track is a fusion of genres, blending lo-fi hip-hop with elements of jazz and chill-hop, all while maintaining a distinctive identity. Listen now to see what we mean!


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