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Soulful Playground - "Just Be" (You Don't Have Anything To Prove To Your Mother Now)

Introducing Soulful Playground with the latest single "Just Be" (You Don't Have Anything To Prove To Your Mother Now). Soulful Playground was created by veteran hip-hop music producer & artist, Chris Vermillion. Producing tracks featuring Bonecrusher, Lil' Jon, T-Max the Novelist, and other notable artists as well as providing music for MTV, ESPN, YES Network, and other TV shows, Chris Vermillion has enjoyed an eclectic career to this point. The single to us the single is a bit more on the upbeat side with the lofi feeling. The instrumental is incredibly thick we think. The musician delivers something that is very modern sounding as well with flavor of boom bap. The sound selection is extremely well done we think. Listen below for yourself to see what we mean.


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