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sonne x Shiki XO x citi.zen x kami oshie x Jacob Violet - “2STUCK”

Black Dove, the forward-thinking collective of musicians, has teamed up for their latest single "2STUCK," a heart-wrenching fusion of hyperpop, alternative, and emo-rap. The track features an incredible lineup of vocalists, including Sonne, Shiki XO, Citi.zen, Kami Oshie, and Jacob Violet, each bringing their unique vocal style to the track.

The standout performance on the track comes from Shiki XO, who delivers a powerful and emotional hook that perfectly captures the mood and tone of the song. The unique instrumental, produced by Sonne and Jacob Violet, evolves with the vocalists and reacts to each one, creating a truly captivating listening experience.

The origins of the song are deeply personal to Jacob Violet, who originally wrote the track as an acoustic cut about a fight he had with his ex-girlfriend. The fight ultimately led to her not speaking to him for days, and the emotions of that experience are palpable in the lyrics and delivery of the track.

Despite its origins, "2STUCK" is a deeply original and unique creation that showcases the incredible talent of each of the vocalists and producers involved. The fusion of hyperpop, alternative, and emo-rap creates a sound that is both contemporary and timeless, blending elements of different genres to create something truly new and exciting.

As the first of a string of genre-bending singles from Black Dove, "2STUCK" is a promising sign of the innovative and creative music to come from this talented collective. Their ability to bring together such a diverse range of vocal styles and genres is a testament to their collaborative spirit and their commitment to creating something truly unique and special.

In conclusion, "2STUCK" is a deeply emotional and powerful track that showcases the incredible talent of Black Dove and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of contemporary music. With its unique blend of hyperpop, alternative, and emo-rap, it is a track that defies easy categorization, and a promising sign of the exciting music to come from this talented collective.


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