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Soleil Bleu With Their Captivating Track "Le Navire"

Introducing one talented duo in which we usually don't cover these tracks much since their in french but we surely couldn't resist, with their vibrant and calm visuals and soft spoken voice we had no choice but to talk about this track particularly. I really enjoy how they have come together and complete one amazing duo. They explain how they met in a cute way from the late hour of the night, through a cloud of smoke, Arthur Jacquin (musician, actor) and Lou Lesage (singer, actress) met. A thunderbolt, the first burst of a Sun on the horizon. From this love and this bond was born a musical project. Each song is cinematographic, they tell stories of monsters, of a Milky Way, of Norma Jean Baker, of two felines who turn around, of a small female ... on a pop, astral, electric sound, involving or hovering, with a dose of second degrees and in French. Following the release of their newest single "Le Navire" the project one soothing track that will truly captivate your eyes and ears. Starting the track with a smooth instrumentation leading onto their soft and luscious vocals they complete the track entirely. Though i don't know much what their saying it's sounds so lovely the pair complement each other so swiftly that you don't care at some point. As well as their music video their featured on a beach just staring at each other just grasped by each other's connection is truly nostalgic. You should definitely check out this track as well as their other singles. Their truly one astonishing duo.



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