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Sol.Luna Introduces An Astounding Track With "Chosen"

Sol.Luna is an uprising independent artist from Portland, Oregon who introduces an amazing track with his new single "Chosen". The song has already amassed huge attention by Fortnite montages and Tiktok videos. Having the song uploaded on Youtube by TikTokTunes it really helps everyone listen from all over and capture the vibes that Sol.Luna projects through the track. On top of that the Music Video has reached over 500k views and Sol.Luna does not plan on stopping now. The inspiration for the track came from Sol.Luna's grungy attitude that he had toward the world during the Covid19 lockdown. During the lockdown it gave Sol.luna some time to think and create this hit of a song. One listen just wouldn't be enough to really capture the energy that this song provides. To further explain the track it's about feeling like the "Chosen" one, being able to do anything you put your mind on. It has that slight of cocky feel to it but it really captivates the energy of the track of just letting loose and having fun. This track would be perfect for a late night party with friends or just a drive at night. This track has that fun aura and catchy flow that anyone listening just wouldn't want to stop. Go stream "Chosen" and make sure to check out Sol.Luna's discography all his songs bump.




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