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Sofi Gev - "Softspoken Eyes"

Sofi Gev's latest release, "Softspoken Eyes," is a dreamy and introspective indie electronic track that explores the complexities of infatuation and obsession. With delicate vocals layered over a lush blend of indie pop, electronica, and indie folk, Sofi Gev creates a captivating soundscape that perfectly captures the mood of the song.

The lyrics of "Softspoken Eyes" are both intimate and universal, revealing the inner thoughts and emotions of a woman who is struggling with the intensity of her feelings for another person. She describes becoming infatuated with them and being hyper-aware of every detail about them, from their clothing choices to their micro-expressions. She craves a deeper connection with them, but her heightened interest only seems to repel them, making them all the more attractive.

Sofi Gev's influences are apparent in her music, with shades of Birdy, Maggie Rogers, and Natasha Khan of Bat for Lashes. But her music is more than just a sum of her influences - it's a reflection of her unique perspective on life, love, and relationships. Her earliest and most enduring musical influence came from her father singing Joni Mitchell songs to her as a child, and she honed her sense of melody by singing the words of recipes from cookbooks accompanied by her father playing acoustic guitar.

"Softspoken Eyes" is a perfect showcase for Sofi Gev's talents as a songwriter and performer. The track is moody and introspective, but it never becomes too heavy or overwrought. Instead, it remains grounded in Sofi Gev's dreamy soundscapes and delicate vocals, creating a sense of chill and introspection that is perfect for late-night listening or quiet reflection.

Overall, "Softspoken Eyes" is a fantastic addition to the indie electronic genre, and a great example of the kind of intimate and introspective music that Sofi Gev is capable of creating. If you're a fan of dream pop, alt pop, or indie electronic music, be sure to check out "Softspoken Eyes" and discover the unique and captivating sound of Sofi Gev.


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