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Smoothsaylin x Elion Melody x Motion Sickness - "Bittersweet"

An rnb/pop style track that walks you through two lovers story. This trio collab includes artists from Canada(Smoothsaylin) New Zealand/Philippines (Motion Sickness) and USA (Elion Melody). The single starts off with quite an ambient key/pad that delivers the foundation of the single, in a dreamy way. We then start hearing a sub bass that furthers the track in ambiance. We then hear vocals come in that are soft, yet very controlled with soft singing. The song is very reminiscent to Sia we think. Then the drop has vocal chops and calming vocal layering. The instrumental is very reminiscent to Ariana Grande we think. If you enjoy Sia, Ariana Grande then you'll enjoy "Bittersweet" listen below.


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