Smoke Supreme vibes out in new video for Halo prod. by beatsbyneco

Smoke Supreme, a New Jersey-based artist just released new visuals for his song “Halo,” a melodic, upbeat and trippy track produced by thatboineco — with the video being directed by Big Snoop and edited by Smoke Supreme himself, the video features Smoke vibing out right outside of the studio on the streets of Chester, Pennsylvania on Edgemont ave. With pink hues, a range rover and an open street, Smoke flexes his flows and the vibes that he carries along with it.

The track, being produced by beatsbyneco — at times, is a psychedelic trip — Smoke’s auto tuned vocals, combined with the up-beat, bubblegum styled keys that beatsbyneco lays out gives us an emo-trap banger. With Smoke and neco beautifully combining their respective styles, giving us a nice, feel-good song to slap on a nice, warm sunny day.

Overall, Halo is the ultimate feel-good track, great for days when you’d just like to relax outside on hot summer days — From, “Pull up to the spot, pray the opps don’t get the drop,” to “Problems never stop, seen a couple bodies drop,” Smoke gracefully floats over neco’s beat, even sprinkling the occasional ad libs in there for us to show off his impeccable flow — letting the beat ride as smoothly as his delivery.

Halo is one of many standout tracks in his catalog, among others such as Incredible, produced by xeni, VERSACE BOXERS featuring Aud Thee Prophecy, produced by Bricks on da Beat, and SUPER SMOKE featuring JAMiE SATURN, produced by Benny Hennessy.

Be sure to check out his latest project, BLVCK SMOKE.

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