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Sly5thAve - "No, No, No Pt. 2 feat. Jonathan Mones"

Introducing "No, No, No Pt. 2" by Sly5thAve, featuring Jonathan Mones. This track stands as an inventive reinterpretation in the realms of Instrumental Hip-Hop and Jazz, with elements of Chamber Pop. Resonating with the styles of artists like Hidden Orchestra, Roberto Verástegui, Abstract Orchestra, and Kiefer, this single is a jazzy instrumental masterpiece. It's a track that showcases the power of music to transcend genres and create a sound that's both emotionally resonant and technically impressive. Sly5thAve delves into one of the song's sources, Barry White’s “Strange Games & Thangs,” and transforms it into an artful meld of styles. The track features great and thick horns, which add a rich, vibrant texture to the piece. The horns play a pivotal role in the track, providing a deep and resonant sound that elevates the entire composition. The track showcases Sly5thAve's talent for blending different genres to create something truly unique and captivating. The track's incorporation of chamber pop elements with the soulful depth of jazz and the rhythm of hip-hop creates a sound that's both innovative and timeless. Listen below now and experience the unique sound and emotion that this track has to offer.


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