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Slime Krime - "Stick Walkin"

Born and raised in the bricks, straight out the red zone of Decatur, GA., comes raising hip hop artist Slime Krime. Signed to his own collective, Gwop Life Ent. Slime Krime enlists HD Genesis to film the opulent and violent Stick Walkin.. Slime Krime didn’t have an easy upbringing, but that’s what molded him into the artist and man he is today. For the single, it starts off with quite a jazzy saxaphone that gets the listener certainly attached to the insturmental and keeps the listener intrigued and listening with all ears opened. Shortly after we hear Slime Krime creeping into the single with full force and energy, the music video does a suspendous job with potraying the picture further for the single. This is defintely for the enjoyers of Lil Durk, and Lil Baby we think.


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