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Slater XX - "Bring It Back"

Slater XX, A North Carolina Native brings a fresh new sound and wave to the music world. Combining his southern roots with his experimental taste in music he is constantly working on the next release. "Bring It Back" is definitely one for the clubs as well as a good workout. Flowing with high energy, bouncing 808s and a tempo you cant avoid dancing to. I hope you enjoy this hit. The single starts off with great energy, the bass has some nice chops and slices that adds differentiation during the intro. We shortly then hear Slater XX and its simply a beautiful beggining, with the way he included a 36 MAFIA "Nope!" adlib inside the track. The single feels very reminiscent to XXXTentacion in ways, with the turn up instrumental, and energetic vocals, we feel like the single is a great way to end the year.


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