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Skinny Atlas x Ezra Martin x Kerri - Fly On Your Wall

Introducing three amazing artists who have come together to present a sizzling track called "Fly On Your Wall" that will certainly grasp your attention. Starting with soothing instrumentation leading onto their sweet and ear-catching vocals they complete the song entirely. Explaining the track a bit further it was written from the perspective of creative people who feel like they are watching the world from the outside. There are complicated social pressures that come with balancing creative passions with everyday life that not everybody understands. Ezra Martin’s hook describes the longing to be a fly on the wall and witness a partner’s deepest thoughts about the other in a relationship. Kerri’s brooding, distorted vocals tell the true story of quitting a job after only one day and it caused a fight with his partner. In his verse, Kerri is hurt by his partner’s unsupportive reaction. Skinny Atlas’s downtempo, warped acoustic production creates a soundscape for these introspective thoughts. To the vocals and production, this single will surely have you vibing. Being just perfect for a late-night drive or alone within your thoughts. Go stream "Fly On Your Wall" and check out their discography which is filled with astounding music.


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