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Sir Jude - "Madonna"

Welcoming Sir Jude with "Madonna". Sir Jude is an Australian singer/ songwriter and producer from Melbourne. She takes great inspiration from FKA Twigs’ bravery with intervals, to St. Vincent’s edginess and The Weeknd’s pop sensibility. We think the musician is someone suffering from an incredible amount of ambition. The artist is capatilizating on the soft singing black musicians (fka twigs, the weeknd) here and trying to make it her own, which wouldnt be the first time, some people try to do. Nonetheless, there is a decent vocal in play here, the writing is decent as well we think. We can really feel what makes Sir Jude different. The style is something that combines all of her heroes we think, but with a mix like that its almost like mixing random condiments and you'll always get something new. The primary focus is the darker commercial aim here we think. The vocalist really delivers something smooth we think as well. Listen below for yourself to see what we mean.


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