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Silent Income With Their Dreamy Single "Saison"

Amazing duo Silent Income is a Melbourne-based dream disco sensation that is comprised of guitarist and composer Sam Billinghurst Walsh and singer-songwriter Marcella Wright. Having played lead guitar in a range of projects (such as Stella Angelico and PLEBS) Sam had been building a collection of his own compositions and searching for a collaborator. Meanwhile, Marcella was creating her own lyrics and melodies and in search of someone to complete the picture with instrumentation. They met, they collaborated, Silent Income was born! Following their debut single ‘Depths’ in 2019, the two have been working to build an LP’s worth of songs. After much remote back and forth and genre-hopping in 2020, they took their work (post lockdown) to Roger Bergodaz of Union St Studio and recorded their self-titled debut album, Silent Income. With the release of their newest single "Saison", they project a very sizzling sound that will surely gravitate towards your ears. Beginning the single with soothing instrumentation leading onto Marcella's sweet and captivating vocals they complete the single fully. Explaining the track further "Saison" represents the season of ripeness, when we feel the driving excitement of being on the cusp of something new or unknown. The song heralds the loosening of our inhibitions as we celebrate the showing of ourselves honestly while seeing another in their fullness. To the vocals and production, this single presents a dreamy mood that would make you feel heavenly. It would be just perfect for a day out on the beach or having a picnic with friends. Go stream "Saison".





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