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SIDE DƟƟR and DARTA LA - "Time Kills Flowers"

Keveen Baudouin, also known as SIDE DƟƟR, and French musician Florian Larriveau, known as DARTA LA, have collaborated to release an album titled “Time Kills Flowers”. The album was released on April 28, 2023, by Nomad Eel Records. The duo released the lead single, “Time Kills Flowers”, accompanied by a music video on April 21. The album will feature 12 tracks, half written by each artist which we find sweet. The album blends psychedelic, folk and indie rock genres, with the raw and personal songwriting style of each artist.

Keveen’s SIDE DƟƟR project is an outlet for him to express his personal experiences and emotions. He uses the project to process and cope with his feelings in a way that may not be possible with his other projects, such as Low Hum and CARRÉ. The album is a raw representation of Keveen’s perspective, with each track exploring a different subject. Florian, on the other hand, has been making low-fi folk music from his bedroom in France since 2015. He is known for recording all the instruments and vocals for his tracks and releases, while collaborating with other artists on every EP.

Keveen and Florian’s collaboration was a natural progression, given their shared interest in raw, singer-songwriter type music. The album was created while the artists were on different continents, with half of the tracks written by each artist. The two came together in France to finish the tracks before Keveen mixed the 12 songs back in Los Angeles. With their different musical backgrounds, Keveen and Florian have managed to create an album that blends their individual styles, while still maintaining a cohesive sound. Fans of Ray LaMontagne, Alexi Murdoch, Matt Corby, and John Prine will surely enjoy the upcoming album from SIDE DƟƟR and DARTA LA.


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