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SHRUBRAVO* - "How Do I Stop"

Introducing "How Do I Stop" by SHRUBRAVO*, a far-out bedroom pop gem that brings a unique blend of lo-fi rock and bedroom/lo-fi pop. This latest single from Alexander Bravo, the creative force behind SHRUBRAVO*, is a testament to his unique approach to music, combining elements of the West Coast sound, funk, and bedroom pop. The track stands out with its energetic, experimental, and epic moods. It features a slap-happy bass line, catchy synth hooks, and a robotic-like vocal delivery that creates an atmosphere of intrigue and mystery. This combination gives the song a disorienting yet up-tempo vibe, making it a fascinating listen. "How Do I Stop" reminds us of the works of artists like Paul Cherry, Ginger Root, Mac DeMarco, Thundercat, and Louis Cole. SHRUBRAVO* brings his distinct flair to the table, resulting in a sound that is both refreshing and uniqueqa. Accompanying the single is a self-produced, trippy music video scheduled for release, designed to complement the song's disorienting and up-tempo vibe with a lot of color. This video promises to be a visual representation of the song's experimental and eclectic nature. "How Do I Stop" encapsulates the suspicion of being under the influence of more than what meets the eye, both in its sound and thematic elements. For fans of bedroom-fi, lo-fi rock, and experimental pop, "How Do I Stop" is a must-listen.


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