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Shilla Drops a Hot Single "Django (prod. by Blade901)"

When you hear the word Shilla you might wonder who makes up this wonderful and fire group, It consists of two members named G.R.I.E.F & HollywoodRoze who have been constantly working on amazing tracks for everyone to be able to enjoy. The former member being from Detroit Michigan and the other one from Broward County Fl. Having them grow up in two different parts of the country. It's giving them the advantage to be able to introduce a unique sound that is continuing to evolve. With their newest track "Django" the rap duo create a fun and hip track that anyone could enjoy. To the beginning of the track you can already feel the energy and the spirit of the track come to alive. With the intoxicating sound of the beat and the strong vocals being projected throughout the track. You just feel the energy to dance and just vibe to the track. This is a fun and enchanting track, once you hear the beginning of the track, it intrigues to listen to more. The overall delivery of this track is amazing, if you listen to Hip-Hop this would definitely be a track to listen to. A special quote the rap duo evokes is "we are what we are and we're not what we'll never be". Making tracks and having their unique sounds is what makes them extraordinary artist's.

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