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Shiki XO Introducing A Melancholy Track "I Can't Breathe (interlude)"

SHIKI XO is a more ambiguous concept than person. SHIKI is a nonbinary artist using music and poetry as a mode to express and attain love and connection with others who share that need. SHIKI's early inspirations in punk and metal music as well as indie, folk and poetry were followed by a later love of hip-hop. SHIKI became infatuated with the idea of melding its various passions into one voice to call its own. Existing projects include "Small Cell Carcinoma," the narrative Dead Girl series including "Love Letters to a Dead Girl," and "Lullabies for a Dead Girl," as well as an aggressive EP called "DROWNING," and the category-defying introspective "Cocoon." While working hard on their craft, they have enlightened their listeners with their newest single "Shiki XO" it projects a such amazing sound that will certainly capture your ears. Starting the track with a slow and dark beat leading onto their grungy and luscious focus. They complete the track entirely to the production and the vocals it's definitely a track to check out. The track is about having a conflict on whether or not of staying with this certain girl. She good to me, but she's no good for me, you want the girl badly but not sure if you can fully feel okay with her. The track would be perfect for a late night drive or just alone in your thoughts. It really touches a deep feeling that anyone can relate at some point.