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Shayla McDaniel With Her Captivating Track "What I Need"

Upcoming artist Shayla McDaniel grew up playing music in church and elementary school orchestral programs while exploring multiple instruments in her parent’s basement. She began learning bass at church, accompanying the gospel choir when the bassist had gone off to college and left the instrument behind. “My brother messed around with it first but didn’t really like it, so I picked it up,” she recalls. “Learning to play by ear and with other musicians was extremely helpful.” Through a patchwork of school instruction and informal experiential learning, Shayla has been able to be proficient on bass, guitar, drums, keyboard, and production software. She played her first show in 2017 and has been pursuing a professional career ever since. Today, she writes, sings, produces, engineers, and plays all the instruments on her songs, but has outside engineers mix and master her tracks.

Shayla’s catalog is vast, however, several recurring themes surface, thematically as well as musically. The laid-back indie pop-rocker hits that sweet spot between major and minor tonalities with a pan-genre appeal. Pristine vocals, breezy pop grooves, big hooks, and soaring melodies contribute to her pop allure. The tracks showcase Shayla’s purposeful and generous songwriting skills—she’s a boldly vulnerable and expressive writer who never hides behind vagueness. Following the release of her newest single "What I Need," she projects a dreamy track that will surely captivate your ears. Beginning with soothing instrumentation leading onto her sweet and soft vocals she completes the track fully. Explaining the single further it's about begging for the medicine, no matter how bitter it tastes, asking for help even if it hurts. It encourages listeners to ask for help when they need it while providing a nice anthem to bob your head to. To the vocals and production, this track will definitely have you vibing. Just perfect for a late-night drive or a day out on the beach. Go stream "What I Need".






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