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Shaun Hill x Kris Sobanski - "The Deep" prod. by Kris Sobanski

Providence, Rhode Island bred artist Meta P, now known as Shaun Hill, has released a new track titled "The Deep," featuring former It Lives, It Breathes guitarist Kris Sobanski on the production. The song is a hard-hitting blend of rock and hip-hop with 80's video game elements and is a powerful exploration of depression and the journey to overcome it.

Shaun Hill's "The Deep" is a conscious hip-hop and alternative hip-hop track that falls under the sub-genre of rap hip-hop. The song is a unique fusion of different genres and moods, including sad, epic, and experimental. The track's overall sound and tone are reminiscent of artists like Slaine, Apathy, Esoteric, Czarface, La Coka Nostra, and others.

The visuals for "The Deep" are equally as powerful as the track itself. The music video depicts Shaun Hill fighting his demons in a Rocky-esque fashion, visually representing the battle against depression. The video was shot by Levi Desantis and perfectly captures the mood and themes of the song.

"The Deep" is the lead single from Shaun Hill's upcoming album, "Dragonfly and The Deep," with the release date yet to be announced. The album promises to be a raw and honest look at the human experience, tackling themes such as mental health, overcoming obstacles, and the search for identity.

In conclusion, Shaun Hill x Kris Sobanski's "The Deep" is an exceptional piece of music that stands out for its unique blend of different genres, powerful lyrics, and raw emotion. The track's exploration of depression and the journey to overcome it is relatable and honest, making it a must-listen for anyone going through similar experiences. We can't wait to hear more from Shaun Hill and see what else he has in store for us with "Dragonfly and The Deep."


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