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Sham Blak - "Love Is a Sham"

Introducing Sham Blak with the latest single "Love Is a Sham". Sham Blak is street wisdom and love expressed through modern boom bap. Sham Blak is hitting his stride and is most definitely in his bag; like Mary Poppins, there’s something for everyone in said bag - the “old heads” will love the purity and connection to hip hop’s roots, those who enjoy trap music will connect with Sham Blak’s ability to uniquely tell tales of redeemed hood life, and the vibe-centric turn-up kids will connect with his infectious energy. The single to us is quite the meaingful one, and really heartfelt. It feels as though Sham Blak has been through a lot and the single really is just a story being told. The lyrics are done in a way that is just extremely poetic as well we think so it ultimately grasps your soul. Everyone has felt this way before we think, listen below.


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