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Shaela Miller - "After the Masquerade"

Introducing "After the Masquerade" by Shaela Miller, a track that boldly strides through the dual worlds of new-wave and country. Released by Neon Moon Records, this lead single marks an audacious turn in the Alberta, Canada native's musical journey. The song is a masterful blend of synth-driven new wave with a country twist, a testament to Miller's versatile songwriting skills. Produced by Graham Lessard, known for his work with Timbre Timbre and Stars, "After the Masquerade" unfolds like a fever dream. It's a song where unsettling moments are replayed in the mind, struggling to find clarity after a night that lingers like a haunting memory. Within the single, we get a futuristic pop feeling on the single with the more so faster paced delivery. The vocals are soft and do well with the delivery but don't let that fool you. The artist tells a story that delves into the complexities of misinterpreted consent, shame, and helplessness. It's a subject that you really don't hear about every day we think, it's sensetive and it's sharp at the same time like a blade getting to your chest the way the single gets to your heart. Listen now.


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