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Shades of Thunder - "Gate to the Unknown"

Introducing Shades of Thunder with the latest single "Gate to the Unknown". For nearly two decades Shades of Thunder has been in furtive formulation and is set to become one of the planet’s best loved synthwave acts. The Viennese producer duo serve up a delectable mix of future funk, synth pop and nu-disco in their own immensely palatable take on the ever-evolving genre of synthwave & outrun. The latest single to us simply sounds like stranger things to us, the hit television show. The retro vintage feel is so obvious within the single, and the artist simply does things in a loyal, amazing way. The single is extremely atmoshpheric, and the track just simply gets you in a mood, and your head moving to the kick and snare. We think when we hear the single we just want to drive, and not stop driving. The artist has talent and we praise that highly here with the instrumental, the texture is extremely rich as well as the sound selection, showing thely study the genre religiously. Listen below for yourself to see what we mean.


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