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SevenX x Rances JM - "No Cap"

Introducing SevenX and Rances JM with their fresh track "No Cap," a perfect blend of Cloud Hop and Emo Hip-Hop with an essence of Trap and Drill. This epic, aggressive, and energetic anthem is the first single from Seven Records, a studio that's making waves in Maracay, Venezuela. SevenX, a rapper and composer hailing from Maracay, brings his A-game to this track. Teaming up with Rances JM, they dive into a world of Spanish drill music that's polished, fierce, and absolutely unmissable. The sound is a nod to the likes of Pop Smoke and Neutro Shorty, while also carving out its own unique space in the genre. "No Cap" is a track that demands your attention with its relentless energy and powerful beats. We think whether you're a fan of Akapellah, Reke, or Akim 88, this track is sure to resonate with you for sure. Listen now!


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