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Serin Oh Introducing Her Lovely Track "Valenbisi"

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Serin Oh is an upcoming artist born in Suwon, South Korea. Who then moved to Ohio with her family at the age of six. Growing up in church, she was surrounded by gospel music in her formative years. During her time at Berklee College of Music she discovered her love for jazz and r&b, whilst also rediscovering her Korean roots through the lens of K-Pop, which led her to the melting pot genre of soul-pop. She hopes to uplift third culture kids in the creative world through her music, especially fellow Asian Americans.

Following her newest release "Valenbisi" she creates a fun and lovely track for anyone to enjoy. The track starts with a dreamy and bubbly beat leading onto her soft, sweet vocals. My favorite part of this track would have to be the chorus which is "hop on a valenbisi, come see me, keep it lowkey, or we can go high speed, go to gear three, it's fine by me." it's so catchy and fun to sing along to. The track has also an interesting story on how it came to be, while she was studying in Spain last year, she had missed a 6AM train from Valencia to Barcelona, the only one she could afford, and as a result, she had to crash at her friends' place in the city. They had joked that she could always use Valencia's popular bike-sharing service Valenbisi to get to Barcelona. After that one of her friends started playing valenbisi's two opening chords and she started singing "hop on a valenbisi, come see me". From there, she birthed this singable R&B Pop tune written by 1 Korean, an American, and a Brit. Go check out her other singles as well, her music is surely a nice vibe to listen too while taking a walk, painting, or just wanting to listen to a nice R&B track.