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Sekou - "Time Will Tell"

Introducing Sekou with "Time Will Tell". The song, a poignant exploration of the tremulous nature of young love and the quest for self in a romantic tie, cements Sekou's reputation as an artist of deep emotional resonance. This track was produced by the distinguished HARV, known for his work with Justin Bieber and Omah Lay, complements Sekou's soul-stirring vocal performance with a rich sound that really honors the tradition of R&B while infusing a new flavor and edge. The single really showcases Sekou's versatility as a craftsman of up-tempo tracks we think. The track's lyrics, introspective and raw, voice the common fears that accompany falling in love: the uncertainty of being enough and the hopeful yet hesitant promise of commitment. Sekou's authenticity shines through in his songwriting process. The artist shares that he was actually going through a lot during the time of writing the track, and he really wanted to write something that reflected how he was feeling at that moment, and to be honest with himself, which we find great. Listen below now.


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