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ScabbieBeats - "Dreams"

Introducing Scabbie with "Dreams," the instrumental is a tranquil homage to the heart of jazzy, lo-fi hip-hop we think. As an emerging name with ties to the rich textures of instrumental music, Scabbie offers a track that’s a perfect fit for relaxing at night time, to looking at the morning mist and morning due. The instrumental really peaks through with its soothing piano melodies and solid drums. We think the single really shows off the producer's craft, providing a pleasant vibe that’s as fitting for a lazy afternoon as it is for an evening of contemplation or playlist, something to relax you in the end. The backbone is mainly a gentle piano, creating a soundscape that's both chill and spirited. Similar in feel to artists like Suff Daddy, Twit One, and Kankick, ScabbieBeats situates himself well within the instrumental hip-hop scene. Listen below now.


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