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SC.Undercover - "Mi Amor"

Walsall UK born artist SC.Undercover started creating music as a way of escapism from the darker periods of his early life. While he isn't new on our sights and we've been keeping an eye on him for a while, the mysterious and sometimes flamboyant crossover artist blends various characters and influences of indie, dark pop and R&B, offering something distinctly unique and relatable in today’s industry. The newest single "Mi Amor" is a cross of spanish and english love. SC.Undercover shocks with the Spanish chorus and English verses. Does this have anything to do with his recent trips and ventures? We would only hope so, that the artist is that inspired and motivated to bring in true experiences and feelings into the music like he has. When it comes down to the falsettos and high notes, SC.Undercover has that covered and fills your ear with luscious sound waves. We always love tuning into art in it's truest form, take a listen below to see what we mean!



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