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SAVE - "I'll Be Your Baby"

Born and raised in Mesa, AZ, SAVE is a talented musical artist who has captivated audiences with her unique blend of alternative music. Her musical journey began at the age of ten when she picked up the viola in elementary school. Through diligent practice and unwavering dedication, SAVE quickly honed her skills, leading to performances in several orchestras throughout high school, including the prestigious Eastern Kentucky University orchestra and Metropolitan Youth Symphony. SAVE's early experiences in the world of classical music provided her with a solid foundation in music theory and composition. Drawing upon this knowledge, she began to explore her creativity by writing, recording, and producing independent alternative music in the comfort of her own home studio in Mesa. The freedom of this DIY approach allowed SAVE to fully express herself and experiment with different sounds and styles. After a stint in Detroit, MI, SAVE returned to her hometown in late 2020, eager to share her music with the world. She wasted no time and released her first EP, "But Who Needs You," which was met with positive feedback and garnered attention from local music enthusiasts. Just a month later, SAVE followed up with the release of her second EP, "Be Free," further establishing her presence in the alternative music scene.

March 23, 2023, marked an exciting milestone in SAVE's career as she announced the release of her highly anticipated debut LP album, "Dreaming." Fans and critics alike were buzzing with anticipation, eager to discover the musical journey that SAVE had crafted for them. The album promised to showcase her growth as an artist and reveal her unique artistic vision.

One of the standout tracks on the album is SAVE's latest single, "I'll Be Your Baby." This heartfelt song delves into the realm of long-distance relationships, exploring the triumphs and challenges that come with them. It's a love song that tells a story of perseverance and overcoming obstacles to find happiness. "I'll Be Your Baby" embraces a simple composition that allows SAVE's mesmerizing vocals to shine through with clarity. The fingerpicked major and minor 7th chords add an additional layer of depth and contribute to the song's overall chill vibe. It's a melodic and soothing track that resonates with listeners on a profound level.

SAVE's ability to create music that connects with people on an emotional level is a testament to her talent and artistry. Her songs possess a raw authenticity that invites listeners to immerse themselves in her world and experience the range of emotions she evokes through her music. Beyond the studio, SAVE has also graced the stages of various venues in Tempe, Mesa, Detroit, and Jacksonville, where she currently performs. Her live performances are known for their energy and intimacy, providing fans with an unforgettable experience.

SAVE's journey as a musical artist is still unfolding, and her future holds tremendous potential. With her unique sound, heartfelt lyrics, and unwavering dedication to her craft, SAVE is undoubtedly an artist to watch. As she continues to evolve and create captivating music, we eagerly await what she has in store for us next.


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