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Satori IV With His Upbeat Track "Vintage Prada"

Satori IV is a versatile artist-engineer who has a new sound that resonates with the streets and the critics. He isn't scared to push boundaries by incorporating as much musicality and soul into his work. Satori has undergone some major changes in rebranding and repackaging his sound, starting with a new name that represents his growth, and an undying love for his city of Milwaukee now that the '4' is permanently a part of him in the form of roman numerals. Following the release of his newest track "Vintage Prada" he projects a very upbeat sound that will certainly have you captivated. Starting the track with a booming beat leading onto his loud and bold vocals he gives off a lit feeling to the track that is truly enjoyable. The track would be perfect to listen to at a party or just a late night drive. To explain the track further it's about speaking to a girl about loyalty and the benefits of hard work. It's a relatable track and one that will surly get you moving, go stream "Vintage Prada" and check out his discography which is filled with amazing tracks.






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