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Saruna - "Run for Your Life"

Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Seattle, Washington, the quintet known as Saruna brings a refreshing blend of synthpop that's both captivating and commercially appealing. United by a profound love for the groove, Saruna effortlessly melds deep, resonant vibes with celestial sonic textures, resulting in an immersive musical journey that revolves around the theme of love.

Saruna's self-titled debut marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for these seasoned musicians. What sets them apart is their collective confidence and an innate ability to groove together seamlessly. Their music radiates with meticulously arranged compositions and tasteful ornamentation, infusing it with radiant positivity.

The story of Saruna begins with the iconic vocalist Christa Wells (formerly of Dabouge), who was approached to create a set for the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival. She enlisted the talents of keyboardist Kent Halvorsen, a longtime collaborator from her Dabouge days, as well as bassist Jeremy Lightfoot. Guitarist Alex Mortland, brought in by Halvorsen, completed the core lineup, along with original drummer Steven Barci. What initially started as a one-off event quickly evolved into something that felt undeniably like a band.

Under the name "Mother Of Pearl," they self-released a 7" vinyl single featuring tracks "Our Love" and "These Walls," both of which would later appear in re-recorded form on the Saruna LP. The band began performing live, building their reputation and fan base. However, as the project gained momentum, they realized the need for a name change due to the existence of other acts with the same name on ancient Myspace profiles. Thus, Saruna, named after the Latvian word for "conversation," was born.

Saruna's journey continued with a focus on live gigs and songwriting. Through hard work and word of mouth, they found themselves sharing stages with a diverse range of artists, including Blake Lewis, The Fall Of Troy, Skerik, Allen Stone, Shawn Smith, and RA Scion, among others. Their performances stretched from renowned venues like Showbox Sodo to the annual Summer Meltdown Festival, establishing their presence in the Pacific Northwest music scene.

The culmination of their efforts led to the recording of their debut record, "Saruna." Most of the recording took place at Lightfoot's Night Rainbow Ranch studio in Tukwila, Washington. The album features guest appearances by saxophonist and electronic artist Skerik and vocalist Rhiannon Walther. Saruna took charge of production, arrangement, and recording, while the mixing was expertly handled by Steve Fisk, known for his work with Nirvana and Car Seat Headrest.

Thematically, "Saruna" is deeply rooted in the human experience. The band avoids irony and posturing, aiming instead to genuinely connect with listeners on a shared journey. The album showcases the strong individual personalities within the band, woven together into an elegant musical tapestry. It's a cinematic and joyous record that warms the heart, stimulates the mind, and uplifts the soul.

Saruna's "Run for Your Life" stands as a testament to their musical prowess, inviting audiences to experience their unique blend of synthpop that's both emotionally resonant and commercially appealing. As they continue to weave their sonic magic, Saruna is a band to watch in the evolving landscape of contemporary music.


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