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Sarina Brings A Fun Track With Her Latest Single "Kiwi"

When in search for new music you would only hope to find songs that capture your attention instantly and Sarina has done just that by providing this outstanding track "Kiwi'. Sarina has a bold presence when you first listen to any of her tracks. With her profound vocals and excellent production you'll wonder why you've never heard of this artist. Her track "Kiwi" is written and produced by Sarina alongside her producer Cherry Beetz. The track starts off with a dreamy beat leading onto her amazing vocals. To further explain this track it talks about how she has a soft spot for a boy and no one else can compare to him, they travel the world and experience life together. My favorite part of the track would have to be when she says "Always wanting more Ah, ah he greedy Do it in the car Ah, ah get freaky And he’s super sweet Ah, ah like Kiwi Baby I adore". These lyrics are so fun and sexy and ties in perfectly with the track title. With the added visualizer for this track, it really ties the whole song together by giving you a visual representation setting the mood fully. "Kiwi" is relatable and sweet and it's definitely worth checking out. Whenever your out with friends or just enjoying a drive, this is the track for you. Make sure to check out her whole discography as well, all her songs are a vibe.






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