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SANJAY - "Desert Child"

Introducing SANJAY, an artist whose journey through music is as introspective as it is melodic, with "Desert Child" standing out as his personal favorite track on the album. This piece is a lush tapestry woven with soft drums, melodic synths, and strings, all serving as the backdrop to SANJAY's dreamy lyrics. SANJAY delves deep into the essence of his music, sharing that the album's inspiration sprung from connecting with ancestral energy in the jungle. To us, funny enough this really makes us feel like we had a cold glass of water in the desert. This connection sparked a reflection on his own ancestors and a desire to break free from historical patterns, setting a new course for his life. Listening to "Desert Child," it's easy to be transported to a place of introspection and renewal. The track, with its indie electronica vibes, might remind some of Empire of the Sun, especially with its drum and instrumental arrangements. Yet, SANJAY's unique voice and storytelling set it apart. As SANJAY takes us through his journey, "Desert Child" emerges not just as a song, but as a piece of his heart, shared with the world. It's a testament to the power of music to tell stories, to heal, and to inspire. Listen now below now!


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