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Samie Bower Introduces His Nostalgic Track "Different"

Introducing one talented artist known as Samie Bower who made a crossover of PBR&B to Pop/HipHop; bringing in a darker tone within lyrical presentation, while constructing eerie-upbeat tones, born in California, yet raised in the Garden of New Jersey. Following the release of his newest single "Different", he projects a very dreamy track that will certainly grasp your ears. Starting the track with soothing instrumentation leading onto his soft and sweet vocals he completes the track fully. Explaining the track further it's towards someone that's had enough, knowing they need to move on yet still seeing how it could all be different if they work it out. To the vocals and production, this track will surely have your body dancing. It presents such an amazing sound which can also hold some comfort knowing that even if the relationship doesn't work out regardless things will be okay. This track would be just perfect for a late night drive or just being alone within your thoughts. Go stream "Different" and check out his discography which is filled with outstanding tracks.



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