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Samaria With Her Captivating Track "Out the Way"

Introducing a talented act known as Smaria she is a San Francisco Bay Area-based R&B singer-songwriter that creates music that invites listeners to break down their emotional walls, open up and feel. Infusing rhythmic, hard-hitting R&B with lo-fi influences and live instrumentation, Samaria uses a visceral approach in her songwriting and delivery, relaying raw emotions of love, heartbreak and introspection with her charismatic honeyed vocals.

Born and raised in the Bay Area, the 24-year-old artist grew up on a healthy diet of ‘90s and ‘00s R&B/pop including Aaliyah, Destiny’s Child and Justin Timberlake, among others.

Incorporating clever word-play songwriting influenced by R&B heavyweights Bryson Tiller, Brent Faiyaz and Snoh Aalegra, the last couple of years have seen Samaria release standout singles like “Foolish,” an atmospheric, meditative wave of self-reflection, and the lovesick, early ‘00s-influenced “Shy Girl,” an anthem for catching your crush’s attention when you’re a natural introvert. With smart and playful lines like “I don't really need your bread crumbs / You can keep them, matter fact eat them,” it’s no surprise this sharp lyricist has garnered praise from outlets like The FADER and ThisIsRnB. Following the release of her newest single "Out the Way" she projects a very soothing track that will certainly captivate your ears. Beginning with a soft but yet upbeat instrumentation leading onto her sweet and luscious vocals she completes the track fully. Explaining the track further it's about how old conversations inspired her with her ex-boyfriend, birthed a new song.“I found an old text thread between my ex and me on my laptop. I thought it had been deleted, but as I scrolled through our conversations, I could pinpoint everywhere I went wrong. I didn’t want to admit these things before were suddenly in my face, and I couldn’t run from them anymore. It was too late for me to communicate that with him, so I wrote it all down for myself“, she said.

She turns a pile of her mistakes and pens them to admit publicly in this new song, “Out of the way.” With the vibrant sound of R&B and deep emotions added to the lyrics. To the vocals and production this track will surely have you dancing. Being just perfect for a late night drive or hanging out with some friends. Go stream "Out The Way" and check out her discography which is filled with astounding tracks.