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Sam Marks - “Wash Over Me”

Sydney-based artist, Sam Marks, has released his latest single "Wash Over Me," a hazy indie-rock track that explores the artist's feelings of disconnection and detachment from reality. The accompanying music video, produced by Marks' brother Ben, offers a visual interpretation of the song's despondent mood and themes.

In "Wash Over Me," Marks' raw sincerity is layered with fuzzed-out guitars and a bluesy pace, resulting in a goosebump-inspiring chorus. Speaking about the track, Marks said, "it is a song that explores my relationship with reality and how I can often feel disconnected from it."

The music video, directed by Ben Marks, also captures this feeling of disconnection and detachment. "It's not based in the confines of reality which broadens the creative scope," said Ben Marks of his visual interpretation of the song.

"Wash Over Me" and its powerful accompanying music video are now available to stream. Fans of Sam Marks can also catch him performing at Sunset Festival on December 3, alongside headliners such as Allday, The Grogans, and more.


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