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Sainte Victoire - "RED D1"

Introducing Sainte Victoire with her electrifying new track "RED D1," a masterpiece in the world of electro pop, tinted with the essence of French pop. This song is a journey through aggressive, dark, and moody soundscapes, reminiscent of artists like Caroline Polachek and Silly Boy Blue, yet infused with a unique flair that evokes the styles of Taylor Swift and Charli XCX.

"RED D1" is a hauntingly beautiful creation that delves into the turmoil and pain of a broken relationship. Its introspective lyrics weave through captivating sound elements, creating an atmosphere that's both mysterious and hypnotic. Sainte Victoire's music is like an electro pop UFO – it's unexpected, otherworldly, and utterly captivating. Her voice, a blend of post-grunge ferocity and melancholic tranquility, shifts from a captivating whisper to a bestial and possessed roar, showcasing her dynamic range and emotional depth. We think that "RED D1" honestly is a must-listen.


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