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Saint Christopher - "Fire Season"

Introducing Saint Christopher with the latest single "Fire Season". LA-based electro-pop musician Christopher Kalil (formerly of indie folk outfit Arms Akimbo) is back with a solo project of his own, Saint Christopher. Ahead of his forthcoming full-length solo debut, Pop Shit (due October 7), he shares the record’s second single, “Fire Season,” a track with a ‘lo-fi hip-hop beats to study to’ air and sultry, distorted, alt-pop swagger. The single to us is quite the grasping one we think. There is alot of color within the single we think, the artist is really is in tune with their sound selection as well. The instrumental is just something that makes you want to move, but move slowly we think, as in with the lighter out and waving it. Listen below for yourself to se what we mean.


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