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SÖHNE MANNHEIMS - "Keine Eile" - Single Edit

The SÖHNE MANNHEIMS are not following the fast-paced world around them with their new single "Keine Eile" (No Hurry). Instead, they are making their own rules and living by their own rhythm. The release of their long-awaited seventh studio album is scheduled for 2023 and the new single showcases what sets this band apart from others. The SÖHNE MANNHEIMS are in no hurry. They are not chasing trends, but rather defining their own sound and going full force with what they do best: making great music.

The iconic, multi-voiced singing of the SÖHNE MANNHEIMS is prominent, harmonious, unique, and unmistakable. Dominic Sanz, Karim Amun, Michael Klimas, and Giuseppe "Gastone" Porrello each possess a great voice and bring their own tone and style to the table. In "Keine Eile," each singer performs their own verse, with their voices merging in the chorus to create the characteristic SÖHNE MANNHEIMS wall of sound that makes "Keine Eile" a one-of-a-kind in the German pop landscape. The new SÖHNE MANNHEIMS have found their own style and are redefining the future with more multi-voice soul vocals reminiscent of Motown times, rather than relying on autotune tricks. This timeless and self-sufficient pop concept is commercial and feels strong and festival-worthy.


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